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Are you traveling to Brazil soon and you’re not clear about the current restrictions due to Covid-19? Today we are going to explain, simply and concisely, what you need for your trip to Brazil if you are going from Spain (October 2021).

Spanish citizens do not need a visa to do tourism in Brazil, currently, the country does not make a distinction based on whether you're fully vaccinated or not. All travelers who wish to enter its territory must present a negative RT-PCR test, taken no later than 72 hours before their trip.

Brazil does not accept the rapid antigen test as sufficient evidence to enter the country, at least at this time. If you are traveling from Spain to Brazil soon, and you need your RT-PCR test, we put at your disposal more than 100 accredited laboratories, which can provide you with this test.


In Madrid, we have a 5-star service, where you can choose between taking your test in the laboratory or at home, at your hotel, Airbnb, a hostel, or wherever you indicate. For information on group services, contact us through this link.

Can you travel to Brazil for tourism?

Yes, Brazil currently allows the entry of its nationals, residents, tourists, and foreigners who are going to carry out specific activities in the country: business, culture, sports, and more.

Other travel requirements

Any traveler who wants to enter Brazil by air must fill out a health declaration, indicating his health status against Covid-19. This form is available in español, inglés and portugues.

Access to the country by land is currently prohibited, except for the border with Paraguay. Similarly, the Government of Brazil provides detailed information on the evolution of Covid-19 in its country, on the official website of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, at the following link.


At medmesafe, we ​​offer all the Covid tests necessary for travel: antigens, RT-PCR, serology, and home services. If you have additional questions, contact us through the following form.



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