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How does the home PCR test work?

Cover photo PCR at home.png
Cover photo PCR at home.png

The test 

The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction, for its acronym in English) is the most reliable so far for the detection of the Covid-19 virus or coronavirus; since it detects its presence from biological samples taken from the patient's nostrils or throat. It has a very high degree of reliability and it is the most accurate test available to date. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, the only way to have access to it was by presenting symptoms and going to the hospital, where qualified health personnel took a nasopharyngeal or oral cavity sample, to later process said sample and obtain a diagnosis. 

Since a few months, a new system has been available. it allows the patient to take the test from home, an hotel or an office. Through the at home PCR test service, a sample is taken by a nurse at the patient's home, the sample is transferred to a certified lab and the results are delivered the same day electronically. 


How does the at home service work? 

At medmesafe this service is available through the following link. The step-by-step service is as follow: 


  1. You have to register with the first and last name of the patient to whom the sample will be taken.   
  2. Once you have registered the platform and pay the service, you will receive an email confirming your order. 
  3. A nurse will call you the same day early in the morning or between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. to set your appointment. 
  4. The sample is taken at your home / hotel / meeting point
  5. Once the sample is collected, the nurse takes it to the lab for processing. 
  6. You can download the results the same day through your personal area on the platform. 

That’s it! Thanks to the service, you will get your result without queuing, reducing the waiting time and the risk of contagion. 


How long do I get the results? 

The same day, in less than 24 hours. The results will be delivered in Spanish (Castilian) or English, as the patient needs. 


In which city in Spain can I request the service? 

Currently we only provide this service in the city of Madrid, if you need to perform a PCR test in another city in Spain please visit the following link


How much does an at home PCR test cost? 

The total cost of the service is € 159. All included. 


What do they say about our service? 

First of all, users appreciate that we answer in Spanish, English or French; as it allows them to better understand the procedure for taking the test. You can read our reviews directly on Google and Facebook


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