5 Explanations to Itchy skinhttps://www.medmesafe.com/anti-aging-skin-test

5 Explanations for Itchy Skin

You went about your business as usual. You are, let’s say, walking down the street, you left the house after taking a shower and using perfume, after putting on your outfit for the day. Now why does your skin start to itch like that?

From one moment to another you notice that the itching is in one area first and then in another, that it calms down for a very short time but returns. You start to think about what could be causing it and you can’t find anything. This itching is messing with your well-being and the normality of your day.

My mission today is to put you in context about several conditions that could explain the itching. If you do not fit any of these circumstances, I leave you at the end a series of tests that you could do and professionals with whom you could inform yourself.

You’ll get out of this!

5 Explanations to Itchy skinhttps://www.medmesafe.com/anti-aging-skin-test

5 Explanations for Your Itchy Skin


Chronic Pruritus

Pruritus is synonymous with itching. It reaches this definition when the itching sensation exceeds six weeks. Taking antihistamines relieves symptoms. The peculiarity of this theory is that in most cases it does not have a single origin or a diagnosable origin. Read more about it here



It is usually thought that only dogs get it, but humans can get it too, and indeed through skin-to-skin contact. During sex, in nursing homes, nurseries and university residences are the contexts where it spreads most often. It can cause, in addition to itching it can produce ulcers, rashes and fine lines on the skin. More information here



Another broad possibility that explains that annoying itching is that there is something around you that triggers an allergic reaction that presents with itching as one of its symptoms. You would be surprised with all the allergies you could suffer from. In fact, check out our list of the 9 weirdest allergies in the world.



A dermatological disease, in which the skin harbors rashes with red, scaly patches. The itching caused by this condition usually attacks the knees, elbows and scalp. If in addition to that you feel pain in the affected areas, it is time to see a doctor



There are 300 species of fungi that can affect human skin. If in addition to itching, spots appear on your skin, it becomes irritated or inflamed, the chances that the diagnosis is that one of these microbes reached you increase. Learn more about mushrooms by clicking here


Continue your dermatological examination

Whether or not you found a hint in the above theories, the next step is to dig deeper.


Tests with which you can get out of doubts


Allergy Test: which will give a detailed report of what you are allergic to so that whatever it is, avoid it and be calm


Skin Care Test: get a detailed report on the current status of your antioxidant capacity, probability of diseases such as acne, varicose veins, psoriasis, cellulite, sensitivity to the sun.

sKIN https://www.medmesafe.com/anti-aging-skin-test

General Analysis: with the usual analysis, you can then go to your doctor and have a step forward in the task of discovering the reason for that itching.


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