5 Myths and Truths about HPV

Among the known sexually transmitted diseases, HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is one of the ones that causes the most uncertainty and questions.

With more and more sources of information, we are proud to aim to be the one that provides you with the highest quality and most reliable information.

Our contribution today is to clarify 5 Myths and Realities about HPV and thus arm yourself with the information and tools necessary to ensure that your body is free and healthy.

What is HPV?

It is the most common sexually transmitted disease, in fact, 75-80% of the sexually active population suffers from it at some point in their lives. There are more than 200 types of human papilloma virus and 40 of them are presented in the form of warts on the genitals

One of the most severe consequences is the possibility that these warts turn into cancer of the cervix, anus, mouth , vagina, penis or throat.

HPV usually goes away on its own and does not cause any symptoms, even among high-risk cases. When the virus has more time than normal in the body, the chances of it turning into cancer increase. That is why an early diagnosis is extremely necessary.

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5 Myths and Facts about HPV


  1. MYTH: Only women get it – FACT: being one of the most frequent sexual diseases, it affects and is common between men and women. In fact, it usually occurs in the first years of any person’s active sexual life.
  2. MYTH: It is only transmitted by anal sex –FACT: The contagion occurs with contact with an infected person, whether symptomatic or not, that includes oral sex, anal sex, sex toys and even friction and rubbing with the skin.
  3. MYTH: Using the prophylactic cannot transmit – FACT: Going back to the previous myth, HPV transmission routes transcend penetration, so it is possible to contract it in the other phases of sexual interaction.
  4. MYTH: It is not very common for HPV to end up in Cancer – FACT: 100% of cervical cancer cases are derived from the Human Papillomavirus, as are 90% of anal cancer and 70% of genital cancer
  5. MYTH: There is no solution or prevention for HPV – FACT: The HPV vaccine is effective in ensuring immunity against the HPV and anyone can get it from the age of 9. If you’re not quite  sure you have it, you can take the vaccination test that we have in our web


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