Allergy Season! Follow these tips to prepare

Allergy Season! Follow these tips to prepare – Sneezing, itching and other allergic symptoms are present in weeks like these, when one season ends and another begins. It’s frustrating when you can’t escape all these things and you don’t know why they happen and it seems like you just have to give up. We understand you, we are with you and we want to accompany you to find a solution.

And the solution is here! Follow these tips that we have compiled for you and say goodbye to being the allergic person in the group. Polekhina


Tips to Avoid Allergy

  1. Put your clothes to dry inside your home: if you expose them on your clothesline in an open space, the pollen that moves a lot during these days can stick to your shirts and socks.
  2. Protect your face and your eyes: Wearing sunglasses and rolling up the windows when you are traveling in the car are two infallible measures to protect yourself from the pollen that circulates on the street.
  3. Change your bedding maximum once every two weeks. This way you will prevent a lot of diseases that you can contract by bringing them from the street and the much feared mites
  4. Shake off the dust! Fall breezes leave residue on furniture throughout your home, especially wood. Make sure you don’t let it sit for too long and start sneezing non-stop.
  5. Minimize the use and exposure to insecticides, aerosols, varnishes, paints and aerosols.
  6. For your pets: you need to be even more attentive to brushing and cleaning their fur
  7. Do not leave your sponge wet: with lower temperatures, fungi form faster on anything that remains wet for a long time.
  8. Preventive nasal blowing: using saline solutions to wash your nose is a highly recommended way to keep it clean and that you do not have to blow it due to the accumulation of impurities from your allergies
  9. Control the temperature of your home: Do not overdo the heating or air conditioning: intense temperatures are a very comfortable place for mites, mold and pollen. Stabilize your home between 68°F (20°C) and 72°F (22°C) and keep the relative humidity no higher than 50 percent.
  10. Take an allergy test: If none of these recommendations noticeably reduces your allergic reactions, it would be very good for you to have an allergy test to discover the origin of your symptoms and get away from it. We present ours!

The medmesafe Allergy Test is a reliable and certified tool that analyzes the existence of specific IgE antibodies against 112 allergenic proteins present in more than 50 different allergens.

Receive a report that will indicate your body’s response to external entities and put an end to your allergies here.


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