How serious is gonorrhea?

Have you ever heard of gonorrhea? It’s a very common sexually transmitted disease and can cause serious problems if not detected in time. But, what

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What is Mycoplasma genitalium?

We are talking about the importance of maintaining good sexual health and getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. One of the most common diseases is

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Test Tubes with Hepatitis C Tags

What is hepatitis C?

You are a valuable person and deserve to have all the information about hepatitis C. Did you know that it’s a viral disease that affects

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Pregnant woman with two post-its, boy and girl

Determining baby’s sex

Knowing the sex of your baby is important information for many future mothers during pregnancy. It’s understandable to have curiosity about your baby’s gender and

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It is the test that tells you if you have antibodies to certain diseases, the development of these in your body is what allows you

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PCR test

The PCR test, (polymerase chain reaction for its acronym in English), is a test used to diagnose certain infectious diseases, and also certain genetic changes.

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What is an antigen test?

The rapid antigen test became more popular in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, as it allows people to self-test at home. It is a

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