Autumn in Spain

Autumn 2022 in Spain: It will be dry and hot

Autumn in Spain 2022: What to expect and how to enjoy it to the fullest

Since September 23, a new time of the year began, the one in which the leaves of the trees faint and the temperatures drop just enough. Spring, summer and winter have very good aspects to offer us, which make them special and distinctive, and autumn is no exception.

In Spain, these almost three months (ends on December 21) have colors and particularities that we want to talk about in our article today. These are our recommendations to have a great time

Autumn in Spain

Autumn 2022 in Spain: It will be dry and hot

This year is going to stand out for bringing with it one of the driest, hottest and most rainless autumns in recent years. This will be the case especially on the Mediterranean side, the peninsular northwest quadrant and in the Balearic Islands, and this warm trend may continue until winter.

The Canary Islands is the territory that will enjoy a colder autumn, followed by Galicia and the Gulf of Cádiz.

Rain of stars in October


From today, Friday the 7th, until the morning of Monday the 10th, the shower of stars baptized as Draconids can be observed in the Spanish sky, which will have even greater splendor on the 8th. It is a space phenomenon, very attractive for astronomy fans , in which planetary dust flutters and can be seen from Earth.

It’s not that easy, you have to look for areas far from urban lighting such as roads on the outskirts and forests, but if you do, it’s a visual spectacle. Experts recommend pointing your eyes to the north and not making an effort on the 9th because there will be a full moon that will cover any other light in the sky on that night.

They were baptized “Draconidas” because they found their radiant point in the constellation Draco.

Curiosities about autum


  1. It is the time when the days are shorter: the sun rises a minute later each day and sets a minute earlier.
  2. It will last 89 days with 21 hours
  3. A time of change and abundance: the most spiritual see the change in the color of the leaves and their fall as a signal to attract change and that is why they recommend changing the soil, dry leaves and vases of the plants at home. To attract abundance, many subcultures make offerings with tangerines, apples, and cinnamon.
  4. People born during the fall live longer: according to this scientific study, people who reach and exceed 100 years were born during the fall
  5. Allergies and colds are on the rise: naturally, allergies and respiratory events take place during these months. If something happens to you and you can’t find the reason, we recommend you take the medmesafe Allergy Test and find the cause

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