Covid-19 digital certificate of the European Union, what is it? what is it for? How do you use it? We tell you everything about the new measure approved

Since February 2021, the EU has been in talks to create a Covid-19 digital certificate, which facilitates mobility between countries for European citizens. This is due to the negative impact that the pandemic has had on tourism, especially in countries such as Spain and Portugal, which have been among the most affected.

Finally, on May 20, 2021, the EU has approved the creation and use of this Covid-19 digital certificate, a document where information such as:

  • If the person has been vaccinated.
  • A negative result in PCR or antigen test.
  • Antibody test if you have passed Covid-19.


According to an Euractiv report, most EU countries should be “technically ready” to implement the certificate system by the first week of June with the official launch expected at the end of that month.

The travel certificate idea was initially tabled by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in January in an attempt to facilitate safe travel and re-start economies. Welcomed by global tourism and travel stakeholders, the digital green certificate concept was further pushed forward by the European Commission last month (read more here).


Why does Spain want vaccination certificates? 

According to the website www.spainvisa.eu, in Their article Spain to introduce COVID-19 vaccination certificate expalins “One of the priorities for Spain going into 2021 is to help the tourist industry recover after the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the sector throughout 2020. Like many countries, Spain introduced travel restrictions in order to contain the virus, which have caused tourism to suffer.

Once people have been vaccinated, in theory, they will be unable to catch coronavirus and pass it on. In this case, it may be safe for them to travel without the risk of infecting others or bringing the virus home again after the trip”.

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