Diabetes is a chronic disease, since it cannot be cured, where the way in which the body transforms food into energy is affected. What happens is that the body is unable to produce the amount of insulin it needs to use them to transform them, and this eventually generates diseases that affect the kidneys, vision, etc.


Types of diabetes

  • Type 1: It is a disease of autoimmune origin, where the body generates more insulin than it really needs, causing an imbalance in the person.


  • Type 2: It is the one suffered by the majority of the population living with diabetes. The body is not able to use insulin properly, so blood sugar levels fluctuate quite a bit.


  • Gestational: It is the diabetes that the pregnant woman develops during the 9 months of fetus development, usually it remits when having the baby, however it makes the woman more prone to developing type 2 diabetes in another stage of her life.




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