Blood Test

Differences between analytics for men and women

Analytics for men and women – We know that regular blood tests are a crucial and routine way to avoid disease. This type of test evaluates the presence of a series of substances, enzymes and components in our body that correspond to the state of our health.

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We understand that there are doubts about whether men and women are analyzed from different perspectives, so we have done an investigation and we bring you answers.

Blood Test
Ngyue Hpie

What are the differences between the analytics for men and women?


Despite the fact that the analysis processes for them are almost the same, the difference lies in the ferritin levels, which have a different scope for women, and in the prostate-specific antigen analysis, aimed at men.


What is ferritin?1


It is a protein that is the main source of iron for the interior of cells, crucial for the development of red blood cells. The alteration of the degree of ferritin can bring undesirable consequences such as anemia and severe pathologies.

Women tend to have more problems with this because of the blood they lose during menstruation and pregnancy. Many medications for pregnancy influence iron and ferritin, which is why it is highly recommended that women be especially aware of this value.

The prostate-specific antigen test, as its name implies, is exclusively for monitoring the probability of prostate cancer in men. From the age of 45.

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