Diferencias entre la gripe estacional y el covid-19

Differences between seasonal flu and covid-19

Differences between seasonal flu and covid-19 – Autumn arrives and with it the sudden changes in weather. We know that in the fall it becomes difficult to differentiate between common conditions such as seasonal flu and symptoms of the virus.

The web portal Medical Writing, specialized in publications on medicine and its updates, in its article “The differences between cold, common flu and Covid-19, according to experts” explains how despite their similarities, both diseases would have different causes.

Symptoms of Covid-19 vs seasonal flu

To more easily understand the differences between the flu and Covid-19, Medical News Today has developed a comparative table of the patient’s symptoms in each case:

Differences between seasonal flu and covid-19
Source: “Medical News Today: Differences between the new coronavirus and the flu”


How can we take care of these viruses?

Seasonal flu usually breaks out among the population in mid-October, which is why annual vaccination days are held for vulnerable patients at risk of complications from other chronic diseases.

As for the recommended health measures to avoid getting infected with Covid-19, the World Health Organization has been suggesting certain practices throughout the pandemic: from confinement to proper hand washing, we cannot Also forget the social distance and the use of face masks.

There are a few differences between preventing the flu and not wanting to get Covid-19, it is suggested that in case of symptoms we rest, stay as far away as possible from people and eat lots of foods rich in vitamin C to help our defenses. fight the virus.

Differences between seasonal flu and covid-19

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