Do I need a PCR test if I am traveling back to the UK while I am vaccinated?

Spain is one of the favorite tourist destinations for UK residents, as has been reported by the newspaper The local in its article Holiday bookings to Spain by British tourists soar by 400 percent as UK quarantine rules eased, “budding British tourists have rushed to buy their tickets to Spain, with flight bookings increasing by 400 percent since July 8th, according to the Spanish Airlines Association (ALA).”

Even though 56.6% of the British population is already fully vaccinated, data published on the official government website, Spain continues to be on the amber list of countries classified by several Coronavirus contagions. According to the current classification, the measures to return to their country that the British will have to comply with are the following:

Before traveling to England

Upon arrival in England

England currently makes the distinction between people who arrive without being fully vaccinated, and those who do have their full vaccination schedule, for the latter the restrictions are a little lighter:

If you are already fully vaccinated, your conditions are these:

  • You will not have to quarantine upon arrival.
  • You will only have to do the test for the detection of Covid-19 on day 2, you should not buy the one on day 8.
  • Your vaccination schedule must meet the requirements established by the competent authorities.
  • 14 days must have passed after completing your vaccination schedule

If you are not fully vaccinated yet

  • Keep quarantine in your usual residence for 10 days.
  • Take the test for the detection of Covid-19 that you have previously purchased, on days 2 and 8 of your isolation. When you get a negative result, you can move freely.

What if I will be in England for less than 10 days, and I am not yet fully vaccinated?

If your trip to England will last less than 10 days, you will need to be in quarantine for this entire time. You must also purchase the tests on day 2 and day 8, even if you will not be in the country after that time.

If you are already fully vaccinated, and it has been 14 days since you completed your vaccination schedule, you will only have to buy the test from day 2 and you do not have to quarantine when you arrive.

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