Do you want to know the sex of your baby? We tell you how!

Do you want to know the sex of your baby? We tell you how!

Today we present you with Lila’s story, so you can make it yours. Spoiler alert: she gets the happy ending you also deserve.

It was the morning sickness that Thursday, dizziness on Friday and Lila resorted to that app her friend had recommended for her mobile.

It would help her keep track of her menstrual cycle, ovulation and others, using many colors and motivational messages

She grew suspicious: what never fails no month hadn’t happened, but emotions that had never come together were causing a stir in Lila.

With her husband, Amir, on her arm, she went to her gynecologist and the possibility was reality:

8 days ago, the miracle of life had begun to take place within Lila.

Hot air ran through Lila’s lungs, of happiness, of desire, of knowing that she no longer breathed only for herself. She had been happily married to Amir for some time, had moved to a new  apartment and when everything seemed to be going well, it got better.

Between tears and laughing and screaming until it hurt, it was the happiest moment of her life so far.


From 8 days to 8 weeks, she also wanted to know the sex!


Week 2: The first person they ran to tell was Nanny, who at first didn’t believe it, but after realizing it, crying and hugging, she began with her first spoonfuls of grandmotherly wisdom:

She began to contextualize Lila on the differences between raising a girl and a boy. She had done it with Lila and her older brother and she kept reminiscing about it.

“The pregnancy with you, daughter, was much stronger, it made me uglier for 9 months, but all that beauty I gave to you, when it was with your brother, on the contrary, I had healthier skin and hair, but I was hairy like Sasquatch. That’s because boys make one’s body produce testosterone.”

Lila hadn’t really had time to think about those things, she was barely processing the fact that she would be a mother, but she was beginning to worry about the hair issue, that with Amir’s in the shower she was enough for her.
Suheyoin Choi

11 Differences between the Pregnancy of a girl and a boy, by BebeDeParís

Week 4: The nausea was getting worse and that belly was starting to show. She had read on Twitter that when it came to a boy, the belly was steeper and if she was a girl, it would grow more proportionally.

Amir was very sure that it was a boy and had already baptized him “Lucas” in honor of one of the main characters of his favorite space saga, he was already making plans and looking at the price of lightsabers. Lila was a little more excited because it was a little Lila, with whom she could do a lot of adorable hairstyles and although she was going to give all the love to her baby regardless of gender, she was already very anxious to know (and more nauseated)

Week 6: The day of the first ultrasound arrived, 42 days of many good nerves, for this tremendously special moment. Main thing? was to have a healthy baby and that ultrasound to upload to Instagram and tell everyone what was happening. The doctor confirmed that the heartbeat was fine and that the formation was in order but he couldn’t tell them about sex through an ultrasound until week 18 or 22.

Everybody wants to know the sex of the baby!

The thing is that Lila uploaded the echo to social networks and the fury unleashed. Blessings, good wishes, advice and again the  guessing if it is a boy or a girl to buy one thing or another and name it. That if she was craving sweet, girl, if it was salty, boy, and what Lila wanted was avocado, which is neither one thing nor the other.

Between so many opinions, noises of encouragement and the noise of Amir preparing for Lucas, one of Lila’s closest friends told her about an option that would give her clarity. That was how Lila found medmesafe and the alternative that would get her out of doubt faster.

Week 8: Through medmesafe, Lila underwent the fetal sex determination test, which consisted of a simple blood draw, without pain or risk, which in 5 days gave her the guide she wanted to choose colors, spaces, toys and of course names

In the end, Lila is going to be very happy hearing the sound of the lightsabers:

the one who was on the way, safe and sound, was Lucas.

About the Fetal Sex Determination Test to know the sex fo your baby

  • It is the fastest way to know the sex of your baby on the way, since at 8 weeks you can do it.
  • Done through the examination of chromosomes from the baby’s blood in the mother’s blood, without representing any risk to either of them.
  • When collecting the sample, only 5 business days must pass to know the results
  • Available in the more than 150 laboratories associated with medmesafe throughout Spain, open from Monday to Friday.

Like Lila, you have the ability to find out the gender of your baby and here we are to get you closer. Do not miss our blog and all the content that we upload there! 


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