Foods withc lactose

Foods you didn’t know had gluten or lactose

Foods you didn’t know had gluten or lactose – Our celiac and intolerant friends, this is for you. The condition of modifying what you consume and what you don’t can be stressful if you lack information. For this reason, we have put our investigative efforts into bringing you accurate data to improve your quality of life.

Don’t miss one of our most popular posts “Living with celiac disease: a guide to not worry in the attempt” to contextualize yourself in a lifestyle in which eating does not represent anxiety, no matter what does not feel good to you. Today we want to describe a list of foods that are not what we commonly associate with gluten or lactose, but that contain both. That way you will be alert when they cross your table.

Foods withc lactose

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Foods with Lactose


  1. Soups, creams and sauces: All those products that you find in the supermarket in the form of sachets or instant mixes contain a disaccharide, which is a component that enhances its flavor and contains lactose. That includes sauces and salad dressings
  2. Meat for hamburgers and sausages: In the industries that distribute them, elements with lactose are used to dissipate unpleasant flavors that arise with the massive manufacturing process.
  3. Sausages: sausages, sausages and cold cuts are fermented with lactose-based products.
  4. Condiments: the products that we usually use to flavor and color food contain preservatives with lactose. Check the label!
  5. Energy bars: with nuts and other cereals or flakes, they contain lactose to sweeten them, since they have a very low glycemic level.
  6. Alcohol: in liquors and other alcoholic beverages there are degrees of lactose that are integrated into the mixture to enhance the flavor and give them body and composition.
  7. Candies: they need different lactose additives to have a certain aroma and be easier to chew
  8. Medications and cosmetics: although it is not food, from lipsticks to toothpaste it may contain lactose or lactase within its formulas. With these types of items, check the labels and directions.

Gluten-containing foods


  1. Oats: the detail with them is that they are contaminated because during the manufacturing processes there is cross-contamination with other foods that have gluten.
  2. Premixes and flours: with the packages of flour with which arepas, tortillas and pancakes are made, in addition to being exposed to cross-contamination, they are often mixed with ingredients with gluten.
  3. Pre-packaged foods: nuggets, chips, and croquettes that come frozen for frying
  4. Soft drinks: in addition to toasted wheat, which we already know contains gluten, soft drinks have a dye called “caramel color” that will also cause problems for those intolerant.
  5. Baking powder: many product lines of this ingredient contain wheat flour and therefore gluten


Alternatives to control your intolerance


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