Gastroenteritis or Gastritis: Symptoms and Prevention

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in the history of mankind, that is a fact. Perhaps yours is sushi, or Mexican food, perhaps you are in an even healthier stage and you are looking to eat more and more natural, from plants and not animals. Whatever your case, it goes without saying that food is vital to achieving your goals.

How frustrating it can be that your options are limited by gastritis or gastroenteritis. They occur when your intestine cannot fulfill its function properly, which is to regulate the absorption of salts and water or when the mucosa of your stomach. Both bring with them a series of symptoms and consequences that will make you think, more than twice, whether or not you should eat what you want so much.

The good news is that with this article we are going to inform you to differentiate both diseases and so that you can face them. In addition to that, we are going to present you with our complete gastrointestinal analysis, which will be the centerpiece of any treatment that can help you with these two intestinal problems.
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Differences between gastroenteritis and gastritis

Gastroenteritis is caused by bacteria and viruses that develop in the food and water that we ingest and that inflame the intestinal or stomach mucosa. It is contagious and in itself is not serious, however, without the necessary attention it can cause dehydration.

Gastritis responds to the infection of the stomach mucosa, caused by food and drinks but also by drugs and the consumption of alcohol, drugs or even stress. Unlike gastroenteritis, gastritis does not disappear until the agent that caused it is eliminated from the body and sometimes requires the use of medications that regulate the action of stomach acids.


Symptoms of gastroenteritis and gastritis

Symptoms for Both Gastroenteritis Gastritis
Nausea Fever Loss of appetite
vomiting Diarrhea 
Bleeding in stool
General discomfort Mucosa in feces
Abdominal pain



Complete Gastrointestinal Test

To rule out one disease or another or diagnose another stomach or intestinal disorder, it is best to have a Complete Gastrointestinal Analysis, which would give you a complete view of the state of the viruses or bacteria that inhabit your body, to know what is happening with your stomach system and the source of it.


 Keys to Prevent Gastroenteritis and Gastritis

  • Take care with what you feed: That’s right, not how or what. Since both illnesses are primarily foodborne, you will greatly reduce your chances of getting them if you wash, cook, and preserve your food properly. Pay close attention not to eat anything of dubious origin.
  • Sterilize and boil the water that is consumed. The state of the water in ponds, rivers and others is something that cannot be properly controlled.
  • Drink enough water: to maintain healthy fluid levels in your body and help the functioning of your intestinal and stomach organs.
  • Reduce alcohol and drug use.

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