Genetics and Cycling

Genetics and Cycling: If you’re not born, you’re made

Genetics and Cycling: If you’re not born, you’re made – If you’re considering integrating cycling into your daily routine, you might be surprised to learn that your genetic predisposition can help or make it more of a challenge. In addition to the right safety equipment, the most comfortable and dynamic clothing and of course: a bike that suits you, there are more tools to be a successful cyclist that are within you.

Hydration capacity, oxygen recovery, muscle development and injury predisposition are just some of the key performance markers you can have behind the handlebars.

Genetics and Cycling

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Genetic meters for cycling and how to improve them


Oxygen storage: these types of aerobic activities are developed as the athlete’s resistance allows it and this resistance is propelled by the oxygen capacity with which he works and how he distributes it. How to improve it: Drink a liter of water a day, ventilate spaces where you spend the most time, hold your breath as long as possible every other day and inflate balloons twice a week


Physical Endurance: another genetic and therefore hereditary factor that yes, cycling will develop for you, but for which you can seek extra help. Physical endurance capacity is not only what keeps you in the saddle, through your oxygen management, but it’s also what influences how you regenerate and get through the rest of your day, off the bike. How to improve it: Warm up with long, slow runs, incorporating sets with weights into your routine, and practicing yoga will maximize this aspect of your health and genetics


Anaerobic Threshold: refers to the body’s ability to extract energy from the fats it consumes. What is particular is that depending on this faculty, fatigue is greater or less, more frequent or not. How to improve it: Timing and timing come into play here. Continue with your strength or aerobic exercises, your warm-up and stretching. Just time each activity and challenge yourself to break your own record.


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