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Gluten-free meals: the celiac version of your favorite dishes

Gluten-free meals: the celiac version of your favorite dishes – Having a balanced, nutritious and delicious diet, being celiac, seems like a very difficult challenge. You have to avoid a lot of foods because gluten is in so many foods. However, with the growing visibility that intolerance has in the media, medical, technological and media advances, there are more and more options, new and lifelong for you to eat what you want.

Today we translate your favorite dishes, those that you thought you could not eat because they have gluten and we describe ways in which you can have them without the risk of reacting.

Gluten Free Foods
Brenda Gómez


Gluten-free food alternatives


Vegetable butters: these are spreadable options derived from soybean, almond and corn oil. I assure you that a vegetable fajita with this and avocado and some nuts, make a breakfast of 10, suitable for coeliacs

Sweets: if you thought that gluten was going to prevent you from enjoying a craving for these, we are pleased to tell you that there are dark chocolate, honey and horchata, which are natural in origin, manufacture and consumption.

Salad dressings: The ones that commonly pass through our tables contain wheat, milk and eggs in their preparation, but you would be surprised to know that there are alternatives based on raspberry, fruit and cider that you can boost with. Check out the full recipes here

Wine: it is the alcoholic drink that you can hang on to if you are celiac. To cook or to drink it, you can choose it and not worry as with beer about barley or wheat.


Find out if you are intolerant and to what


We offer a predictive test, with which you can obtain a complete report on what causes allergic reactions in you and what does not. The extraction of the sample is painless and simple and to start this discovery, we leave it to you at a discounted price 🙂

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