Health Checklist for Vegans and Vegetarians

Health Checklist for Vegans and Vegetarians – Assuming a style of eating free of animal products or even meat is a decision that is just as logical, important and valid as any other. Whether it’s for your health, animal awareness, or religious reasons, it’s about changing how you absorb nutrients and what nutrients you consume.

It can take time to adapt to such a way of life, so we have investigated certain signs that you should review your health as a vegan, so that you pay special attention to these factors and you can prevent and anticipate complications.
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Health Checklist for Vegans and Vegetarians


Is your mental health presenting problems? According to various studies, the intake of animal meat is associated with stability and the ability to deal with and avoid depression

Signs of anemia: If your hair falls out, your nails lose shine and strength and you are suffering from fatigue, you may be on the verge of suffering from anemia caused by your eating routine. Pay special attention if you also suffer from many changes in your body temperature.

Bone pain and weakness: One of the most drastic gaps when making the transition from a diet that includes animal protein to one that does not, is that of calcium. If you start to have bone strength issues, you may need to take matters into your own hands and confirm that it is your diet.

You lack vitamin B12: a crucial nutrient that veganism and vegetarianism forgo. We have on our blog a detailed description of the consequences and symptoms. Take a look here.


Routine Analysis for Vegans


At medmesafe we ​​have a test specially designed for vegans and vegetarians. Through a simple blood draw, this procedure is capable of detecting the presence or absence of the nutrients that are most affected during the transition to veganism.

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