Donate Semen

How to donate semen?

With the passing of time, reproductive assistance is an increasingly common topic and about which there are fewer and more taboos. One of the most common methods is to collect semen in banks where men go to make a donation and benefit hundreds of mothers who need to go to these contributions to get fertilized.

Families with fertility problems, single mothers or couples of mothers can benefit from your donation and there are even several laboratories and sperm banks that remunerate this type of contribution.

The good condition of your semen can mean your well-being and that of others, as you can see. So today we want to talk to you about the donation process and the test that can tell you if you are suitable to donate.

Donate Semen
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How to donate semen? This is the step by step

The first thing is to decide: you always have to make sure that you are emotionally and mentally ready to make a donation. It is always good that you discuss it around your circles of friends and family, to get an idea of ​​what it means to you that your genetics is part of the DNA of someone who will not be your child.

Check that your semen is suitable for the process: if your quantity and quality of sperm is not adequate, fertilization will not result in any circumstance. The appropriate thing is that you practice a seminogram that will give you an analysis of the validity of your semen to be part of any gestation process. If you need to know more about what a seminogram is, we leave you this post in which we tell you about it

With an adequate result of your seminogram, you have to do a complete blood test: to rule out diseases or pathologies that may be a risk for the embryo you fertilize. We also have more information about it here

With your seminogram and blood test in order, it’s a matter of choosing a sperm bank that is convenient for you in terms of distance and others and they will receive the results of the tests and give you a date to take your sample. All this process is confidential from both sides: you will not know who will give your semen, nor will whoever receives it know that it comes from you.


Discount Offers in the Seminogram and the Blood Analysis

To help you and give you extra motivation to take this step, we tell you that through medmesafe, you can have access to both exams at a better price than in laboratories directly!

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Donate Semen

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