How to increase fertility? Simple and very useful habits

How to increase fertility? Simple and very useful habits – The journey to get pregnant is full of emotions, processes, waiting and uncertainty. However, we want to take your hand on this path and help you to achieve it.

Previously we have discussed the reasons why the opportunity to be a mother can be complicated. Symptoms, causes and types, here

Today we want to focus on the habits that you must acquire to increase the chances of becoming pregnant naturally. Dr. Arlene Morales, a reproductive endocrinologist affiliated with Sharp Community Medical Group, advises: “When a woman decides she wants to have a baby, she should immediately make lifestyle changes to help mother nature.”

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7 Habits to increase fertility


Be aware of the fertile window: all women have a number of days within their ovulation period, usually two weeks before the arrival of menstruation. The fertile window is six days after ovulation. And sperm typically last two to three days inside a woman’s body, making early exposure better than late.

Using the correct lubricant: Many sexual lubrication products slow down the journey of sperm in the ovaries. Switch to lubricants with hydroxyethylcellulose or mineral oil

Starts with prenatal folic acid: It has been proven to improve fertility by causing cell division and regulating crucial amino acids in the process.

Leaving vices and excesses: they are already fatal for the development of a fetus, but for that fetus to even exist, they also hinder: cigarettes, recreational drugs and alcohol.

Avoid eating large fish: excess mercury has been shown to affect sperm motility and female hormones

Watch your BMI: The Body Mass Index determines the physical disposition of the female body to accommodate the changes and procedures that pregnancy causes

Find your moment of relaxation: One of the greatest enemies for fertility is the presence of stress. Take advantage of this new moment in your life and give yourself a massage, walk by the sea and do what you need to feel full


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