How to interpret an STD Test

How to interpret an STD Test

How to interpret an STD Test – Being the only way to confirm the existence or absence of Sexually Transmitted Infections, it is necessary to become familiar with how these are detailed and reported. In this publication we want to describe the result of a venereal disease test to facilitate their understanding.

How to interpret an STD Test


Terms found within an STD analytic


CD4: This value refers to the amount of defenses that you have, in relation to HIV. Depending on the presence of CD4, there is an indication of the virus or not: if they are higher than 350, we can say that we have sufficient defenses to face the different pathogens that can attack our body on a daily basis; if, on the contrary, this value is less than 200, we would be in a state of immunosuppression of the immune system and we could have complications to overcome some infections

Viral load: this number determines the visibility of an STD. It usually appears in the report as detectable or undetectable, which corresponds to whether or not you can transmit it to a partner during sexual intercourse.

Reactive/Non-Reactive: Another term that may appear in a report of venereal diseases and specifies the presence of the virus in the blood. Usually greater than 5.00 corresponds to someone reactive and less than 1.00 to non-reactive. Between both values, we speak of an undetermined or definitive result.


What are the window periods for each STI?

These are the days after unprotected sexual contact, after which a sexually transmitted disease is visible in the blood. Taking an exam before this period will not rule out that you have an STI or not.

The window periods for each ETS is:

Chlamydia: 3 days

Gonorrhea: 3 days

Mycoplasma Genitalium: 3 days

Trichomoniasis: 3 days

Mycloplasma Hominis: 3 days

Ureaplasma: 3 days

Hepatitis B virus: 21 days

Hepatitis C virus: 21 days

Syphilis: 21 days

HIV: 21 days


Test for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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How to interpret an STD Test

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