How to interpret the results of my fertility test?

How to interpret the results of my fertility test?

How to interpret the results of my fertility test? – When you’re on a mission to conceive, there’s an open secret: not everyone is equally fertile, and that’s a reality. Factors such as age, habits and genetics influence to determine how likely it is that a human being intervenes in a fertilization process.

To everyone’s luck, there are ways to review those odds and even modify them. Getting to know you is a key action in planning to have a family, now or in a specific future. We are pleased to present you with two alternatives: one for men and one for women, with which you can get answers and organize yourself accordingly.

Interpret the results of my fertility test?
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Female Fertility Test

This analysis revolves around your ovarian reserve. That number refers to the number of ovaries that the female reproductive system has. Considering that the egg is the one that receives the sperm, of course, the greater your reserve, the more chance there will be

In addition to that aspect, you must take into account the follicles that can be seen in each ovary. Fewer than 5 follicles give an indication of a low probability of pregnancy. From the age of 35 to 37, both the number of ovules and the follicles in them are reduced.

But don’t be discouraged! nothing is lost. The important thing is that you know it once and for all so you know what to do. Find out how your ovarian reserves are doing by taking the test.

Male fertility test: Seminogram

Despite being the shelter and conduit of pregnancy, at the moment they need the male sperm to be pregnant. The man is another crucial component and trigger of the human reproductive process. In addition to being necessary a specific amount of spermatozoa, it is necessary to know that their color, morphology and speed are adequate, otherwise, the chance of pregnancy is compromised.

Through a seminogram, you can take a reliable look at how yours move and how many they are. This is a beneficial alternative both to find out if you can get someone pregnant and to confirm that your vasectomy worked. This data also serves to rule out genital obstructions, infections and congenital alterations in the vas deferens.

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