How to stop the aging of the skin? Your 5 allies to look young.

How to stop the aging of the skin? Your 5 allies to look young. – Yes! We know that wrinkles and other lines on our skin are marks of maturity, experience and good things, but what if you want to take your wonderful time and evolution in a more internal way?

A smooth and lush skin is also an emblem of someone who loves himself and cares about his health and well-being. The sun, pollution and day-to-day life threaten the condition of our skin and more than wanting to look young, it is important to make an effort to stop aging, dermatological diseases must be prevented.

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How to stop the aging of the skin? Your 5 allies to look young


  1. Retinol: Mar Sieira, pharmacist specializing in botany and CEO of the natural dermocosmetics firm Sarah Becquer, defines it as the best aftersun that should be included in contour skincare routines to protect the skin from the post-summer effects. Thanks to this oil, the production of collagen is stimulated and the damage caused by UV rays is compensated. Retinol is a form of vitamin A. To know the status of vitamins and nutrients in your body, we have at your disposal the Vitamin Deficiency Test
  2. Sun Block: is the best alternative to combat and prevent the effect of the sun on the skin, not only its subsequent impact but also its direct impact. Thousands of dermatologists agree that it is something that should be used daily and not reserved only for when you go to the beach or plan long-term sun exposure.
  3. Peelings: Increasingly popular, these cosmetic treatments remove dead skin and facial impurities. We recommend that you also look for peels that contain glycolic acid, which gives shine and luminosity.
  4. Foods rich in antioxidants: Fortunately, there are many that contain a lot of vitamin A, E, C. These prevent the breakdown of dermatological fibers and the regeneration of collagen cells. We give you a secret to recognize most of these foods: red, yellow and orange vegetables and fruits.
  5. The Skin Care Test: at medmesafe, we have the option that you will hardly get anywhere else: an analysis of your genetic factors, to detect where the aging of your skin originates from. You will receive a detailed report on the current status of your antioxidant capacity, probability of diseases such as acne, varicose veins, psoriasis, cellulite, sun sensitivity and much more. Also what creams, foods and routines you should do to have healthy skin.




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