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If you were cheated on, these are the STD tests you should take

If you were cheated on, these are the STD tests you should take – Fidelity in romantic couples are verbal agreements between the two, a promise that is based on mutual trust. However, for whatever reasons, infidelities exist; and if you are sexually active with your partner without protection, this can pose a risk to your health.

Infidelity has nothing to do with the person who is “cheated” and has everything to do with who does it, unprotected sex is a very high stake because what is at stake is your health. There are sexually transmitted diseases that are treatable, and even curable, but there are others that you will have to live with all your life if you get them.

If you were cheated on, these are the STD tests you should take
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If you have recently been through the same situation as Behati Prinsloo, former Victoria Secrets model and wife of Adam Levine (vocalist of the group known worldwide as Maroon 5); that she is also waiting for the singer’s third child; In this post we are going to tell you which STD tests you should ask your doctor for your peace of mind.

1. VDRL (or syphilis)

In our article “What is syphilis”, we explain “it is an infection caused by a bacterium that is sexually transmitted. Once you have been exposed to the bacteria, a sore will appear. This is not painful and usually appears on the genitals, but sometimes it can appear in the rectum or mouth.

If you want to know the symptoms, and how to detect it, click here

2. Herpes simplex II

There are two known types:

  • Type 1: HSV1 is spread by mouth to mouth and causes cold sores, although it can also cause genital herpes.
  • Type 2: is an infection caused by having sex without using a condom or some other type of protection method.

The prevention of the first herpes is a little easier, since it will be enough to look at the person’s mouth. However, type 2 herpes will need to be diagnosed through an STD test.

If you want to know more about this disease, click here

3. Hepatitis

In our articles “What is Hepatitis C?” and “What is hepatitis B?” We tell you how more than 1,000,000 people in the world are infected annually. This disease is only detectable through clinical examination.

“Hepatitis C or HCV is a virus that is transmitted through contaminated blood. It is considered a sexually transmitted disease since it can be acquired while having sexual intercourse. Detecting it is difficult since years can go by without developing symptoms, which is why it is vital to get tested in this regard”

“Hepatitis B (HBV), like C, is a serious viral disease. This liver infection can become chronic, as it is called when it lasts more than 6 months.

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If you were cheated on, these are the STD tests you should take
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4. HIV

Probably the most talked about in social networks and in our daily lives. “HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus that puts your life at risk since it causes AIDS, which is the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. This sexually transmitted disease interferes with the body’s immune system, weakening it to the point where it is unable to fight off any of the diseases that normally afflict us.

You can learn how it is transmitted, its symptoms and how to treat it by clicking here.

5. Chlamydia

“It is the most common sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria that exists”, it is usually thought that it is more common in women, however it affects both men and women. It is a disease that without proper treatment can bring complications to your health.

If you want to know how it can affect and its symptoms, click here

TSD test you should take
TSD test you should take

In conclusion, we leave you a check list of all of them so that you can easily request them, or better yet, we manage this exam for you. If you live in Spain and have had unprotected sexual relations, or as we said at the beginning, you discovered your partner being unfaithful to you; take care of your health by doing an STD test

For only €80you will have the certainty of knowing that you have not been infected with any of these diseases, and if you have, you will be able to seek a medical solution as soon as possible. Remember that having a full sexual life depends a lot on your self-care.

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