cosmetic surgery liposuction

Cosmetic surgery: Liposuction, Botox, Hyaluronic Acid

Sometimes I think that we human beings seek control of everything, on different levels, but, regardless of our zodiac sign, we want everything to look the way it seems best to us, including ourselves. It is socially accepted and logical to transform the way we were born, to look like how we would like to have been born.

That is why it is increasingly common to talk about all the available options, in aesthetic procedures, that put our lives at risk, but that give us greater control over what we see in the mirror glass or the scale and that is worth it. .

My intention is not to tell you whether or not you should do it at all. Everything has advantages, disadvantages, risks and results, so I will make an effort in these lines to put you in the context of everything. In addition, I leave you at the end several options with which you can take control of your appearance and your health without having to go through the operating room


In today’s article we talk about:

  • The most popular aesthetic interventions today
  • Questions you should ask yourself before cosmetic surgery
  • Ways to see yourself and feel good without leaving home

cosmetic surgery liposuction

Sam Moghadam Khamseh


The most popular aesthetic interventions today


Augmentation Mammoplasty: In the first place is the cosmetic surgery to increase the size and volume of the breasts. About 6 million women a year have breast prostheses implanted around the world.

Liposuction: Consists of sucking out excess fat from an area of ​​the body using a cannula. After a significant weight gain or pregnancy, it is common for interest to be aroused in this way of “quickly” reducing the size of abdomen, thighs, back and waist.

Fillers and Hyaluronic Acid: Both terms refer to the facial filler process, to cover wrinkles, dark circles, increase the size of the lips and other unevenness in the face. Fillers are all the methods with which the process is fulfilled and Hyaluronic Acid is the most popular of them because it is a component that already exists in the skin and contains water, almost entirely. Provides elasticity to the area where it is applied

Botox: Considered a drug, injections of this substance have been generating muscle contraction for many years and helping to fade the presence of wrinkles, dark circles, strabismus and spasms.

Questions to ask yourself before cosmetic surgery


I wanted to expose the reasons why you could feel ready for an aesthetic process and when not, but I thought of something better. Bearing in mind that this is a very personal decision, I leave you with a series of questions that can better guide you on the reasons and the real need to go under the knife.

cosmetic surgery Philippe Stalier


Why do you want to do it?

Simple to ask, but not so easy to answer. The beginning of a decision like this should be the reason that motivates you to do it. What motivates you to go through a surgical process and invest all that money and time in all phases of the process?

You should find the reasons within yourself, it should be an act of self-love that makes you feel more like yourself. The line to wrong motivation is crossed, when you want to be or look like someone else, to please the parameters of third parties.


Who will be your doctor?

Another key to the success of the procedure. Aesthetic Surgery professionals are extremely respected for their ability to discern and lead their work anchored in the mental well-being of their patients. However, as in everything, there are charlatans and improvised centers that do not act under the appropriate parameters and that is when the risk of an undesirable result increases.

Get advice, search and ask until you find the center or doctor that you trust the most and with whom you understand yourself best. You are putting in their hands what you will see in your reflection, it must be up to the task!


Have you thought about what comes next?


With your reasons and doctors in order, remember that all these processes have in common a periodic nature, which implies taking action in the future to maintain their effects. Breast prostheses have to be changed, botox and fillers lose their effect after months and if you don’t diet and exercise, the fat that was removed in liposuction will return as if nothing happened.

It is necessary that you commit to yourself to take the post-operative care and prevention that will determine the permanence and satisfaction of the results.


Ways to look and feel great without cosmetic surgery


I insist that I am not here to dismantle this medical guild one article at a time, for nothing. But the correct thing is that I share alternatives that you can go to, spending less money, without putting your life at risk and without worrying about side effects.

Feeding, instead of sucking: By changing your diet you can make tremendous changes to how your metabolism works. Eating a balanced diet is something that, if you manage to integrate it into your lifestyle, will give your body the resources to lose weight and get used to not gaining it back. Nutritionist instead of surgeon? Take our nutrition and genetics test to guide you for this evolution in your life.

Exercise is not sacrifice: Maintaining an active life and playing sports is crucial to being healthy. Aesthetically, in addition to eliminating your fat and improving your skin, you strengthen muscles, including those you were thinking of having surgery on, such as your buttocks, legs, arms, and abdomen. To find out what sport you’re good at, take our sports performance test, and start practicing something you have an advantage in.

For wrinkles there is more than one solution: our skin is our largest and most representative physical layer. There are skincare routines, night, day, herbal, you buy at the pharmacy or on the recommendation of your favorite beauty influencer and they can all work! Taking care of your skin in your hands strengthens its abilities to slow down time.

We also have tests for that. Click here and discover which form of skin care is best for you.


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