medmesafe, also genetic counseling platform

“Genetic Counseling” is a concept that was born in 1947, more than 70 years ago, but is still not known by the majority of society.

The first person to talk about Genetic Counseling” was Dr. Reed. For him, the main function of Genetic Counseling was to allow people without genetic knowledge to understand the genetic problems that exist in their families. defining three minimum requirements that genetic counselors must have:

Extensive knowledge of human genetics.

Respect for the sensitivities, attitudes and reactions of those advised.

Teach and provide genetic information to its full extent.

With the data we have at medmesafe, more and more people seek genetic counseling without there being a fundamental reason that stands out from the others to explain the increase in genetic counselling. There are many and varied reasons that lead users to use the Genetic Counseling service.


Among the reasons that users of our platform have to carry out Genetic Counseling are the following reasons:

Find out if there is any non-invasive test (a test other than amniocentesis) to find out if the future baby may have a malformation, a syndrome or if she may inherit a genetic disease.

Know the steps to follow when a family member has been detected to have developed a cancer that may be of hereditary origin (especially with BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations).

People who are concerned because they have family members with XFragil disease and do not know what steps they should take to find out if they or their children could inherit the syndrome.

When in the same family there have been cases of cancer in numerous people, especially when one of them is especially young.

Find out if your overweight / obesity has a genetic origin.

From medmesafe we can see that more and more people are aware that many diseases can have a genetic origin and want to know if they are at risk of manifesting these diseases and if they are at risk, they want to know what they can do to minimize the risk or the effects ( this is the basis of predictive medicine).


How does Genetic Counseling work on the medmesafe platform?

The first step is to access the following url and purchase the Genetic Counseling service. In order to purchase the service it is necessary to be logged in to the platform, so if you are not a user of the platform you can register in the process of purchasing the service.

Once you have purchased the Genetic Counseling, you will be able to select when you want to hold the videoconference with the genetic counselor among all those available. The videoconference is done within the platform without the need to install any extra application or plugin.

All the detailed information on how to connect to the videoconference to carry out the Genetic Counseling will be sent to you via email at the email address you used to register. As indicated in the email, if you have any questions, you can contact us by phone +34 911 284 591

When starting Genetic Counseling, the counselor will begin by asking you what your concerns are and how he can help you. From there, each Genetic Counseling is different depending on the needs and circumstances of each counselor.

The genetic adviser, within scientific rigor, will explain in a simple way all the genetic questions that arise during the videoconference, from the objective and technical limits of possible analyzes to the detail of genetic diseases.

If you have any doubts as to whether Genetic Counseling can help you, you can contact us by phone at +34 911 284 591 or by email at

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