New platform by medmesafe for a European

It is now possible to buy COVID-19 rapid selftest with delivery in 24/ 48 h through

Result obtained in 15 minutes with a reliability close to 100% (CE marking), rapid antigen self-tests become a routine preventive act against COVID-19.

Test price starts in 5.99€. Delivery takes between 1 to 2 days.

What kinds of rapid tests are available?

What are antigen tests?

They allow you to detect if you are infected with the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Its reliability is optimal the first days of the contagion. Its sensitivity is more important when the viral load is high.

So it is an interesting way to avoid contagion when meeting.

They detect the English and South African variants.

How does it work?

Antigen test (nasal sample): See video

  • Extracte a nasal sample with a swab (2 centimeters inside the nose).
  • Mix it with the reagent.
  • Pour 3 drops into the device.
  • In 15 minutes you get the result.

Antigen test (saliva sample): See video

  • Spit into the indicated container.
  • With the pipette, collect 10 ml of sample.
  • Mix it with the reagent.
  • Pour 3 drops into the device.
  • In 15 minutes you get the result.

We want to be part of the increase of self-testing and the growth of vaccination in Europe, providing innovative, reliable and affordable solutions for professionals and patients. Thus, medmesafe has developed a new specific platform that now allows the acquisition of various types of rapid COVID-19 tests. “ Clément Destoumieux, medmesafe CEO”

About medmesafe

medmesafe is a technology startup that has developed the first predictive and personalized medicine platform:

It has extensive experience in the health field:

It is based on an experienced IT team, member of the Spanish Startups Association, who worked for the Spanish army, international banks and public administrations.

Therefore, due to its knowledge of digital solutions in terms of service to healthcare personnel and their patients, an European distributor asked medmesafe to quickly establish a platform, namely,

NB: The selftest name and the use of these kits without a healthcare professional depends on the legislation of the country where it is purchased.


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