Requirements to travel from Spain to Argentina

What requirements do I need to travel from Spain to Argentina? From November 1st, all non-resident foreigners who want to travel to the country for tourism can do it. The Argentine government has lifted the restrictions due to Covid-19, and now accepts the visit of tourists ALWAYS AND WHEN THEY ARE VACCINATED.

If I want to travel to Argentina for tourism at this time, I will have to have a complete vaccination certificate, and at least 14 days after the placement of the last dose. The complete vaccination certificate is considered the one estimated by the country where I have been vaccinated.

The only NON-VACCINATED persons authorized to enter Argentina are its nationals and permanent residents. Children traveling with unvaccinated adults should not be quarantined. Always remember that conditions vary frequently.


List of requirements to travel from Spain to Argentina


  1. My complete vaccination certificate, provided by the country where I was vaccinated.
  2. Comprehensive hospitalization insurance that covers any setback that I may have during my stay.
  3. RT-PCR test took no more than 72 hours before my trip, QR code, and all my data on the certificate. Argentina DOES NOT ACCEPT ANTIGENS TEST TO TRAVEL.
  4. My Electronic Affidavit made 48 hours before my trip. The airline will ask me for it at check-in.

Do I have to quarantine when I arrive in Argentina?


Only if I am not fully vaccinated. In case my vaccination schedule is not complete, or 14 days have not passed since my last dose, I will have to self-isolate for 7 days, in the place of my choice. Once the quarantine is complete, I can leave normally.

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