Requirements to Travel from Spain to Ethiopia

Requirements to travel from Spain to Ethiopia – In order to have the best experience departing from Spain to Ethiopia, you will need to meet these requirements we have put together for you with help from Emirates Airlines and the Ministry Of Health Of Ethiopia

  • Negative PCR Test taken 48 hours prior the departure of your flight
  • An E-Visa Issued by Ethiopia and supported by documents you can check out here
  • Pass temperature screening test on the arrival to the airport

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Fasiledes, Hunde Gemechu

Ethiopia is the Human Race Cradle

As an historic asset, Ethiopia gains a lot from being where the first female fossil was discovered. They named it Lucy, the grandmother of humanity, and remains one of its touristic treasures that can be named along the nine UNESCO monuments that it contains and that make it the African country with the most.
Addis Ebeba Gift Hebeshaw

Is also the Coffee Cradle of the world

For all coffee lovers passionate  to explore the world, Ethiopia is a top spot for discovering the origins of coffee itself. According to the myths, several ages ago an Ethiopian farmer was the first to taste coffee grains thanks to the goats he was carrying and to discover and share its effects. From that point on, Ethiopia produces one the best and most natural coffee in history.


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