Pruebas covid para viajar desde España a Portugal

Requirements to travel from Spain to Portugal

If you want to know the requirements to travel from Spain to Portugal, during the recent “state of crisis” decreed by the Government in December 2021 is currently maintained. Whether you travel by plane to take advantage of an economic getaway with Ryanair, or cross borders by car, you will need several requirements that we inform you about below.

Travel to Portugal by plane or sea

According to official web portals such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, all people over 12 years of age who decide to land in Portuguese territory must initially present the following documentation:
Palácio Nacional da Pena, Sintra, Portugal. Autor @helderburato

The only way to avoid having to present the vaccination certificate is to have a recovery certificate, made at least 11 days after your positive RT-PCR result and its validity is 180 days after having overcome the infection.

Travel to Portugal by road

The restrictions are very similar to those mentioned above, taking into account that Spain, like most countries in the European Union, is currently classified as a country with a high incidence of Covid-19.

This map varies its information every week, which is why the Re-Open Europe website should be consulted frequently. Where you can review in real-time the restrictions of each country on Covid-19.

Here are the requirements you need to travel by road to Portugal:
Lisboa Portugal Fotografía: @jaimedantas

In the case of cross-border workers, the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains “cross-border workers who carry out regular professional activity up to 30 km. of the border, must only present a COVID digital certificate from the EU in the vaccination modality”.

Currently, the restriction on the use of masks in Portugal has certain exceptions for certain spaces. We can find specific information about it on the Visit Portugal website.

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Updated on January 27, 2022

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