Results times for the different Covid-19 tests

We have already published posts previously on our blog about the explanation of the different covid-19 tests”, where we explain in a very simple way what each one measures, in which cases to perform them and how to interpret their results. We have also made a compilation of interesting data about the very popular antigen tests lately, our CEO Clément Destoumieux, develops more in his post “How does a rapid antigen test work?”

We know that uncertainty is our worst enemy during these times of pandemic, so when we read “rapid Covid-19 test” we immediately associate it with an express PCR test, however, we must be careful with this concept of “rapid” and knowing, not only that each test detects something different, but also that their response times to give the diagnosis are different.


For this reason, today we want to explain a little about the different response times that the reference test has, from the fastest, which is the rapid antibody test, to the most precise, which is the PCR test (polymerase chain reaction).

Our friends at Redacción Médica, in their article “Coronavirus: Fenin explains the different diagnostic tests for Covid-19”, explain that the tests can be classified into 3 large groups: RNA Test, Immunological Test and Rapid Test, each one diagnoses something different but all referring to the Covid-19 virus. 


The main difference between immunological tests and rapid antibody tests is explained very well on the Arpa Médica web portal, in their article Quantitative antibody serology (IgM and IgG) by ELISA is much more effective than rapid tests, they indicate what siguiente “What differentiates techniques such as ELISA from rapid tests is that the latter are usually done quickly by pricking a finger. Everyone can do it at home and it takes about 10 minutes to know the result. Rapid tests do not need a device and only inform us whether or not we have the antibodies. Therefore, they are known as a type of qualitative test.”

With this we can conclude that the choice of a diagnostic test for Covid-19 should be at the discretion of a health professional, since once the patient’s symptoms have been evaluated, he or she will determine which one is necessary for the person. What we do have no doubt about is that the rapid tests have managed to complement the diagnosis made with the PCR test, providing more options to health personnel to continue fighting in this current crisis.

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