Prioritizing Health: Routine Check-Ups for Vegans/Vegetarians

Routine check-ups for vegans or vegetarians: health comes first – From medmesafe we ​​encourage everyone to follow a lifestyle that makes them happy, with which they feel comfortable and that is also healthy.Veganism and vegetarianism are ways based on the exclusion of products of animal origin, in the first case nothing of animal origin is eaten, but vegetarians only avoid meat.

The world of science for health opens the doors to aspects like these that are becoming so relevant. Just over 5% of the population is vegan or vegetarian, representing 375 million people, citing respect for animals, religion, and absorption of specific nutrients as their main reason.

With today’s publication, we want to delve into the negative and positive consequences of following a diet of this style and we show you the tools you have to confirm that everything is fine.
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Disadvantages and pros of having a vegan diet


  • Disadvantaged vitamins: not eating meat decreases the consumption of vitamin B12, which is essential for neuronal development, and vitamin D, which determines calcium absorption. Despite this, the levels of iron, potassium, vitamin A, C, D, magnesium and antioxidants increase.
  • Fitness and muscles: Being vegan or vegetarian means giving up the intake of animal protein, which is crucial for the development of muscles and bones. However, plant-based diets are rich in fibers and healthy carbohydrates, which improve sports performance and endurance, and balanced and healthy weight loss.
  • Following a vegan diet can be a reason for a lack of energy and vigor. On the other hand, people who do not consume meat or animal derivatives are in direct proportion to better emotional health and less probability of depression and anxiety disorders.
  • It is not recommended for pregnant women to have a non-animal diet, as it deprives the gestation process of the natural intake of many nutrients. On the contrary, it greatly reduces the risk of colon and breast cancer and diabetes.

As you can see, a decision of this type has a beneficial side and another a little anchored with risk. There are much more positive aspects: here we mention several more

  • lighten digestion
  • constipation reduction
  • Fight obesity and overweight
  • Stabilizes blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • improves vision
  • Increases the flow of antioxidants and life expectancy


Routine check-ups for vegans or vegetarians

We invite you to amplify and stay positive, in that sense, we present you the routine analysis for vegans and vegetarians. An analysis done on the blood and focused on tracking and determining the status of nutrients whose consumption is affected by a dietary change of this magnitude.

You will obtain the result on the balance of your diet, 9 working days after taking the sample.


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