Rubella in pregnant women and newborns

We are always at your service, especially if it is your prenatal stage. We have learned so much about the care and precautions that you must have in this phase, that we have developed a maternal sense in medmesafe. You can consult our section on pregnancy, to document a lot of information of interest on all of them, and in our neonatal and prenatal care you can take a look at the products you can buy to take care of this precious moment.

Today, however, we want to discuss rubella, which is commonly mistaken for just that series of mild, reddish welts that go away if you just wait a little while. We must always keep in mind that if it is a fetus or a newborn that becomes infected, the conditions are much less subtle.
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Forms of Rubella Contagion

It is an extremely contagious disease: through sneezing, coughing and contact with objects and surfaces with which a person who has it has interacted. If you are pregnant and do not know if you have been vaccinated against rubella, we recommend that you purchase our vaccination test, which will reveal all the vaccinations you have.


If it turns out that you did not have the vaccine and by bad luck you contract it during pregnancy.

it is imperative and necessary that you check if your baby was infected or not. Mothers with rubella may be asymptomatic, but if they pass the disease to their children, they can cause significant abnormalities or even abort the pregnancy.

The test can be performed on both the mother and the newborn baby.

In the first case, it is done through a blood sample taken from the umbilical cord and in the second, the newborn is given a blood sample from the heel.

It takes 5 business days for the result.


Rubella Symptoms

  • A month after contracting and incubating the virus: Mild cold and swollen glands
  • Week five: Catarrhal symptoms and swollen glands worsen. Reddish pustules appear all over the body
  • It is important: the earlier the stage of pregnancy, the greater the probability of contagion and the severity.



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