Sensitive Stomach? Follow this Shopping List

Sensitive stomach? This is what your shopping list should look like – The reality is that our digestive processes are very different from each other. Due to various factors, there are people who are more likely to experience diarrhea, lack of appetite and high heartburn. Does all this sound familiar to you? Do you have flatulence and abdominal pain? Do you fill up easily? Yes, everything indicates that this is for you.

Today, being a reliable source of information and committed to ensuring that you have a better lifestyle, we want to advise you on your shopping list, specializing in complicated digestions, and on the resources you have to make your condition something you need. that you have complete control.

Shopping list for a sensitive stomach

The medmesafe Complete Gastrointestinal Analysis

It is a unique tool that evaluates all aspects of your gastrointestinal system, looking for bacteria and parasites that may indicate an intestinal or stomach disorder. Your symptoms may be more than a delicate stomach and with this test you can find out what is happening and how to treat it.







Example of a menu for a sensitive stomach

While you wait for the 7 days that the complete gastrointestinal analysis takes, we leave you with an example of a menu that you can modify and move according to your needs and tastes, but that will serve as a guide to eat while taking care of your digestion and yourself.

  • Breakfast: 1 glass of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk or yogurt + 3 biscuits with jam or 50g of bread with cooked ham or turkey
  • Mid-morning: 1 fruit + 1 yogurt
  • Lunch: Soup with julienned vegetables + Baked gilthead bream + Baked apple + White bread
  • Snack: 1 yogurt + 4 Maria cookies or 2 biscuits with fresh cheese and jam
  • Dinner: Pumpkin cream with potato + Aubergine omelette + Pear + White bread

Other recommendations for a delicate stomach

  • Eat slowly and chew well: to make the digestive system’s job easier
  • Eat less, but more times a day
  • Go to bed at least two hours after dinner and digestion is complete
  • Limit coffee and tea, which irritate the stomach mucosa


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