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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Through the Mouth

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Through the Mouth – Sexually Transmitted Infections do not exclude oral practices within the spaces in which they can spread. Take a look at the following list of STIs and the particularities of each contagion if you want to use the information in your favor and protect yourself.

  • Chlamydia: By practicing oral sex in the vagina or penis, this disease can be transmitted. From the genital to the throat or vice versa. Chlamydia symptoms
  • Gonorrhea: it can also be passed from the throat to the genitals and from the genitals to the throat, but it can also be passed from the throat during anal oral sex or black kissing. Symptoms of Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis: It has the peculiarity of appearing in the form of sores on the genitals, mouth, or anus. Any oral contact with an infected part is a high chance of getting it. Syphilis symptoms
  • Herpes: in its simple variant of type 1 or 2 it can move in contact between the lips and throat with the penis, vagina, buttocks and anus. Herpes Symptoms
  • HPV: As with Syphilis, if it is symptomatic, the Human Papilloma Virus manifests itself in warts in the genital areas, the mouth and the rectal area. Any approach to the wart is a risk. 5 Myths and Truths about HPV
  • HIV: A person infected with HIV who practices or receives oral sex can infect the other. The risk is thought to be much less than with anal sex or intercourse, but there is not enough scientific evidence to back it up. With HIV, the load of the virus that is possessed comes into play. What is HIV?

General symptoms of STDs in the mouth


The following signs do not belong by themselves to a specific STI, but rather alert to most of them. If you experience any, it is advisable to deepen the exploration of your sexual health.

  1. Canker sores in the mouth, which may not be painful
  2. Cold sore-like lesions and fever blisters around the mouth
  3. Red and sore throat, with difficulty swallowing
  4. Tonsillitis
  5. Redness with white patches that resemble throat infections
  6. Whitish or yellow discharge

The best way to prevent STIs of any route and severity is to have protected sex. A good oral hygiene protocol works to avoid any type of infection or ulcer in the area.


How to detect sexually transmitted diseases by mouth.


Not all diseases develop with symptoms and even less so in the early phase of infection. We advise you to take our STI test that can detect up to 8 different diseases and give you a detailed report, 7 days after the blood sample is taken.


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