Should I do prenatal tests?

Should I do prenatal tests? – Today we did some research and put together this introductory prenatal guide for you. Your sweet wait is your moment, the wonders that develop within you are many and we are here to help you understand them.

Spoiler alert: these tests are non-invasive and pose no risk or pain to you or your baby, and we’re not messing around with anything! We are talking about the highest quality ranges on the market at the most competitive price.


In this post we tell you:

  • The advantages of doing prenatal tests
  • Diseases and anomalies that you can win the race against
  • Test catalog on special offer
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The Advantages of Prenatal Tests


  • It gives you time: Prenatal tests were developed thinking of scientifically viable ways to obtain results much earlier than other methods such as amniocentesis or ultrasound. In perspective: through a fetal detection test, you can find out if you will have a boy or a girl during week 8, a month earlier than an echo can indicate.
  • They give you information: and information is power. These methods can enlighten you about particular conditions that can even be decisive for the course of your pregnancy, your life and that of your baby. Anticipating you can make more accurate decisions.
  • They do not represent any danger: Perhaps the most innovative aspect is that the procedures that we show you here are summarized in a simple blood sample, there are no incisions, treatments, needles, or anything that means a real risk for you or your baby
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Diseases and anomalies that you can win the race against


Down Syndrome: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines it as “a condition in which a person has an extra chromosome. Chromosomes are small “packages” of genes in the body. They determine how the baby’s body forms during pregnancy.”

Learn more about it:

Patau syndrome: It occurs when there are irregularities in chromosome 13 and can be easily detected with the Harmony prenatal test. This anomaly alters the nervous system and facial development

Turner syndrome: it is caused by the absence of the X chromosome. The girls who suffer from it are short in stature and have ovarian and fertility problems. Find out more about it at: 


Catalog of Tests in Special Price


medmesafe has scientifically certified products in the area of ​​prenatal tests. We present the ways you have available to have a healthy, stable and calm prenatal stage:

Trisomy 21 test

  • Detect abnormalities on chromosome 21
  • It does not represent risk, it is not invasive
  • You get results 6 to 9 business days after obtaining the sample

Harmony Prenatal Test

  • Detects abnormalities in chromosomes 13, 18 and 21
  • It does not represent any risk for the mother or the fetus
  • Results are obtained in 3 to 5 business days

Fetal Gender Determination Test

  • Determine the sex of the baby on the way to 8 weeks of pregnancy
  • It does not represent a danger to the mother or the fetus, it is not invasive
  • Results available 5 business days after obtaining the sample

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