Should I get tested for STDs? I tell you my experience!

Should I get tested for STDs? – Once we reach maturity and understanding about our body and our sexuality, sex is an activity that is part of our daily lives to a greater or lesser extent, but it is there.

I understand that, getting a STDs test, can be something that we discard as soon as it crosses our mind, because the consequences of a positive result can be quite difficult to bear, also, you trust in that condom or in that technique you used to feel safe… sort of.

The truth is that there are over 500 million cases of curables STDs per year around the world and, here at medmesafe, we believe that information is power. It is always better to know.

What a relief it is to be scientifically certain that you are healthy.

And if not, with time to face them, almost all these diseases are completely curable and those that are not, can be treated in such a way that they cannot be aggravated or influence our day to day life.

In this article we will tell you:

Should I get tested for STDs? A question I had to answer

About the test
Deon Black

Should I get tested for STDs? A question I had to answer…


Not all of us receive honest and dedicated sex education, probably because there are so many taboos around having a sex life, specially when you want to enjoy it and not merely procreate. Surely you have thought about the looks you will have on you, you wonder if it is a hurtful proccess that will doom you and the state of denial stops you from making the decision that could literally save your life.

As a young, single man, I maintain an active sexual life and not with the same person. Despite using condoms and other contraceptive methods, the question crossed my mind: what if it broke or was expired and I didn’t realize it? In addition to that, there are phases of a sexual encounter through which diseases can be transmitted and they are not intercourse.

Kisses, oral sex, the same sweat and unprotected contact, are also moments where you are never totally immune.

Then I had to contextualize myself if, in fact, I had contracted something. Of course I felt a lot of anguish imagining myself dealing with something like HIV, Gonorrhea or Syphilis, which are the most serious, as I understood, however, I was always aware that it was better that I knew about it as soon as possible to fight it with more time.

Among the advantages of an effective diagnosis and reaction time are:

  • More time to access the corresponding treatment, which makes it more effective
  • Reduces the possibility of transmission to third parties
  • Ease of searching and starting with social and psychological resources

More on the advantages of an early diagnosis here

Of course, I also imagined confirming that I was healthy and how exciting it would be to receive this good news. So I did my research and came across medmesafe and their offer of a STD test to clear up any doubts. The process was as follows:

  1. Enter the official website, purchase the voucher for the test and schedule my appointment. It should be noted that as soon as I got the voucher I was ready to go to one of the laboratories that are all over Spain.
  2. My thumb was touched with a device that made it bleed enough to take blood for tests. It didn’t hurt at all and the bleeding stopped after a couple minutes.
  3. Exactly one week later, I received notification that my test results were on my medmesafe profile, and no one but me has access.

I assure you that the feeling was extremely full: I was negative, I had nothing to fear. The best thing is that a few moments that could have been more stressful and full of uncertainty, were limited to something simple and private. I honestly recommend that you deal with the doubt in the best way and this, I consider to be the best.

About the test

  • Detects the presence of HIV, (AIDS), Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Herpes simplex type II
  • Results are ready 7 days after blood collection
  • There are more than 150 laboratories around Spain that offer it by exchanging the medmesafe voucher



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