The best destinations for cruises from Spain

The best destinations for cruises from Spain Get ready, we’re leaving!

At medmesafe we ​​are summer fans, especially when it is done with the necessary and true information to take advantage.

We already realized that cruises are the most famous vacation option this season. In our post, we present the best deals on cruises from Spain, we tell you more about it and we recommend particular cruises for their reputation and offer. On this occasion, we want to focus on paradisiacal destinations, diverse and perfect for the free time that you deserve.

And of course, as always, medmesafe has you covered with the best options for the tests you’ll need to tackle.

In this article we tell you:

The best destinations for cruises from Spain

Offers of antigen and PCR tests in different parts of the country
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The best destinations for cruises from Spain


Marseille – France: A cultural, technological and aesthetic flag of Europe. From Valencia, Malaga, Palma or Barcelona you can start your journey to the second most populous city in the country, after Paris. A very cold cocktail, your sunglasses and a walk through the landscapes of Marseille is what you deserve.

Complete requirements to travel from Spain to France

Sicily – Italy: a region with gigantic historical importance. From volcanoes, to a climate that embraces you and keeps you at the perfect temperature, this destination promises, come on, promises! Check a list of things to do when you are there, by clicking here:

Napoli – Italy: The sea in Napoli is crystal clear like the smiles in every corner of this beautiful city. Vesuvius contrasts the Royal Palace and creates a picturesque and magnanimous atmosphere of stepping on such a momentous place in world history.

Rome – Italy: Another Italian region that is at the top of the bucket lists of explorers, tourists and inveterate travelers. Visiting one of the capitals of fashion, art and sophistication is a before and after for anyone. Malaga, Palma, Barcelona or Valencia can be the origin for this adventure in which you are going to embark.

Requirements to travel from Spain to Italy

Egypt: That is indeed expanding borders, but yes, you can reach the ancient pyramids and catacombs of this mythical country, setting sail from Spain. Moving out of your comfort zone and your continent will make you grow spiritually and mentally. Dare to experience something incredible!

Requirements to travel from Spain to Egypt

Offers of Antigen Test and PCR in different parts of the country.


Given the remnants of the pandemic, all cruise ships continue to have security protocols and tests to ensure that everyone on board is safe and sound. At medmesafe you can obtain these tests at discounted prices and with international medical certification. We leave you the offers in the cities of origin for cruises:









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