Skincare test

To look young, skin care is crucial.

Are you worried about the health of your skin? Do you want to get back the shine and elasticity you used to have? Would you like to know what to eat, what skincare routine to follow to keep it healthy? The skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in the body. It reflects both our mood and our health in general. It can be affected by what we eat, what we suffer and even what we think. Therefore, to look young skin care is crucial.
The skin fulfills innumerable functions. When it looks old, it not only has an impact on our appearance but also on how it performs these functions, the more we take care of our skin, the better it will fulfill its tasks. Among the most important we find:

  • Protects us from the environment.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Controls fluid balance.
  • Senses touch, pain and pressure with its nerve receptors.

Skincare test

What factors age the skin?

As explained by MedlinePlus, there are different factors that can accelerate or delay skin aging such as exposure to solar radiation, proper nutrition, smoking, among many others. And of course, to a large extent, our genetic heritage.
After the genetic factor, the most important individual factor is sun exposure. This makes it essential to protect ourselves when we are exposed, using sunscreen, or even reducing the hours we are exposed. High exposure to sunlight can cause thickening of the skin, appearance of spots and loss of elasticity.
However, especially in older adults, skin problems can be caused by multiple conditions, for example: cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, liver disease or heart disease.
On the other hand, as we had anticipated, your skin can also be affected by the way you eat, for example if you suffer from obesity this will also cause skin problems, and by factors related to stress.

What can we do about it? How to take care of ourselves?

Each person and each type of skin is different, so it will need unique care and some factors will affect it more than others. Does your diet affects you more? Are you more exposed to pollution? Are you more likely to develop acne or cellulite?
The answer to all these questions is just a click away. Right here you can acquire a test in which we will tell you exactly:

  •  What kind of skin you have.
  • How you should take care of it
  • What problems or illnesses are you more prone to?
  • What routines can benefit you
  • What cosmetic treatments can you follow

You will have the results by email, and they will be easy to understand, you will not need a doctor to interpret them for you. The test is done by taking blood and it is not necessary to fast. You will know exactly what to do to take care of yourself.

Effect of having aged skin.

In addition to not being able to efficiently fulfill its basic functions, as we had previously mentioned, skin aging entails other problems and risks, as explained by the Mayo Clinic. To begin with, in case of suffering an injury or bruise it takes much longer to recover. Recovering from an injury can take four times longer. This encourages infections of such wounds as they remain open longer.
Additionally, as people age their skin gets thinner, loses fat, which functions as a protective layer, and becomes weaker in general. This fragility encourages bruising and makes it easier for other injuries to occur.
In conclusion, skin care is essential. And with climatic changes, the increase in pollution and the increase in temperature, it is increasingly important to have healthy, young, and strong skin. Taking proper care of her is vital. If you know someone who could benefit from knowing their skin better and giving it personalized care, or you want to do so, do not hesitate to acquire your test here. Remember to look young, skin care is crucial. Knowing your skin is crucial to taking care of it correctly.

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