Types of headache

Headache is defined as discomfort in the scalp, head, or neck. It is a fairly common condition, which rarely represents a risk to the person’s health. Depending on their nature there are certain types:

  • Tensional

It can be caused by continued tension in the muscles of the shoulders, jaw, etc. It is also associated with conditions such as anxiety and stress.

  • Migraineur

It is characterized by a stabbing pain that generates intolerance to light, and sometimes even nausea.

  • Cluster Headache (CH)

It is extremely rare, statistically it affects more men than women. It is characterized by short but intense episodes of pain, accompanied by tearing and redness in the eyes.

  • Medication-overuse headache (MOH)

It is the headache that is produced by an excessive use of analgesics, it feels oppressive, insistent, and it affects more when waking up.




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