UK plans to authorize tourism in Spain for this summer

Good news for Spaniards who live in the UK and want to see their families again, the Government has made recent statements of having plans to include Spain in the “green” list of countries to visit, but what does this mean?


Due to the coronavirus crisis, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control distributes the information on three separate maps for the three indicators defined as essential: cumulative incidence rate at the regional level (positive cases of coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants notified every 14 days), PCR test rates and positivity nationwide.


The summer of 2020 did not favor the regular visit of the English in Spanish territory, according to the newspaper El Confidencial, «In 2019, the 18 million visitors from the United Kingdom accounted for 23% of the total number of tourists received in Spain. 


They spent about 18,000 million euros. In 2020, however, only 3.2 million visitors were registered in the middle of the pandemic.” It is stated that the main cause of this is that, when cataloging Spain on the list of red countries, people who visited the territory had to quarantine for 15 days when they returned.


With the inclusion of vaccines and greater knowledge of the effects of Covid-19 on people, the United Kingdom plans to make current measures more flexible, so travelers from  Spain, being on the green list of destinations, should not quarantine when they return to the UK. Even so, they must carry out a PCR test when leaving the country and another upon their return.


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As a requirement to return to the UK, RT-PCR, LAMP and antigen tests are accepted. The certificate must contain basic information such as:


Names and surnames of the patient

Patient identification number (passport or ID)

Date the sample was taken

Laboratory data, which includes: device through which the sample was analyzed, name and data of the technician who validates the test, sample result (negative or positive), day and time the report is delivered.


Unique QR code so that the corresponding personnel can verify the validity of the report.

Currently, Spain is studying the end of the state of alarm on May 9, with which mobility restrictions between Communities are canceled, in this way all people will be able to circulate throughout the country, respecting the restrictions of each Community. 


Similarly, confirmation by the British Government of Spain’s classification at the stoplight will be announced on June 17. This has generated an increase in the reservations of Spanish tourist places by the English, mainly in the Canary Islands.

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