New Mothers’ Guide to Prenatal Stage Characteristics

What are the characteristics of the prenatal stage? Two new mothers tell you – Much has been said about how special this stage is, starting with us with our previous posts on Will my baby be born healthy? and We tell you how to confirm that your baby will be born healthy. Good news! And although quality information with scientific support is essential and very useful, today we want to give space to voices like yours.

Everything is better shared, even the usual doubts and fears of the gestation stage of your baby, be it the first or not. So we introduce you to two mothers who went through and are going through what you may be experiencing.

In today’s article we tell you:
Adriana’s experience
Carla’s experience
Characteristics of the prenatal stage in phases

Adriana and Robert con su primer eco (@adrianaalvarezlf)

Adriana’s experience

Adriana is a 24-year-old new mother. For her, receiving the news that she was expecting her first child or her daughter was a moment of extreme happiness. She had already been with her husband for years and it was a pregnancy that she had dreamed of.

Naturally, she had questions about the well-being of her baby. “My sister had given birth several years before and I accompanied her in many of the ultrasounds, I remember that while they were done, the doctor was ruling out possible syndromes with which her child could be born, saying them out loud, one by one… ”

That methodology did not resonate at all with the tranquility that Adriana expected for a stage like this “The way in which the doctor was examining the limbs and physical features and associating them or not with some disease, it gave me goosebumps, it reminded me of when In high school, teachers read grades out loud.”
Adriana at her pregnancy shoot (@adrianaalvarezlf)

For her fortune and comfort, Adriana learned that there was another alternative: “Among several options, I chose Harmony Prenatal because it would inform me of more diseases than the others and I could even find out the sex of my baby with just a blood sample. A few days after the exhibition I received an email and that was it: private and more concrete.”

Adriana y su hija Liah Valentina (@adrianaalvarezlf)

“I didn’t have to deal with needles, I’m terrified of them, and my pregnancy was never at risk. It is the way that I would recommend everyone to see that things are going well with their babies”

Adriana brought Liah into the world, a baby in perfect health who is now one and a half years old and she loves to dance reggaeton and play with empty Coca Cola bottles.


Karla’s Experience

“I really enjoyed my first time pregnant, moment by moment going to the consultation was a very beautiful expectation every time” Karla, became a mother for the first time at the age of 32, she lived through it without any craving for anything in particular but with a lot of nausea, vomiting and gastritis.

Karla and Zeus

“I went for Trisomy 21 when I found out about the offers in predictive tests. I was very interested, of course, in the condition of my baby and I have friends who were just giving birth when I was in my 7th week and they talked to me about it.”


“In my family we were all desperate to know the sex and the best thing is that in the same Trisomy I was able to find out. It is a moment that I remember happily because I tried to get as many relatives as possible who had made bets to be with me. I like to think that in the end we were all winners.”


Victoria was born 7 months ago and is enjoying the summer season and swimming pools, as well as surrounding herself with many people and interacting with everyone.

Karla and Victoria

Characteristics of the Prenatal stage in phases

This period of time starts from day 1 of gestation of the fetus in the mother’s womb until 9 months after, in most cases, the baby is ready to be born.

We present the division of said period and its most relevant characteristics. For more information, visit our sources: and

Zygotic period: the first two weeks of fertilization.
Embryonic Period: from week 3 to 8, when the pregnancy begins to take shape inside and outside the mother
Management period: covers the end of the embryo and the rest of the time the baby needs to finish forming and developing. Behavioral facets such as kicks inside the womb begin to show.

This all means that you can detect in advance any anomaly that conditions the life of your child and the course of your pregnancy.

We leave you the complete information about it in Should I do prenatal tests?




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