Test for Anemia https://www.medmesafe.com/test-of-iron-deficiency-anemia

What foods help fight anemia?

What foods help fight anemia? – We had already told you in our posts, “How to detect if I have anemia?” and “Symptoms of anemia?” that it is a very common disease, caused by various factors that all coincide in one area of ​​your life: nutrition

The form in which anemia occurs most often is iron deficiency anemia, which is caused by a lack of iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, calcium and vitamin C in the body. According to the WHO, 24.8% of the world’s population suffers from anemia, with women and preschool children being the most affected groups. Do not miss this article and you will learn how to detect if you suffer from anemia and what you can eat to solve it.

Test for Anemia https://www.medmesafe.com/test-of-iron-deficiency-anemia
Priscilla Du Perez

Test to detect anemia

At medmesafe we ​​offer a test for the detection of Anemia due to lack of iron. This evaluation falls on your red blood cell production and the production and existence of the nutrients that are affected during anemia in your body. With a fasting blood sample, you will have your diagnosis three days later.

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What foods help prevent anemia?




Nutrients Organs benefited
Red meats Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid Kidney, liver
Eggs Iron Bones, blood system
Fish Iron, Folic Acid Nervous system, blood system
Legumes Iron blood system, cardiac system
Breetroot Vitamin B, C, Folic Acid Bones, skin, blood system
Chicken kidney, heart or liver Iron, B12 Vitamin General organism balance
Dark vegetables: arugula, parsley, spinach Iron, calcium, vitamins General organism balance
Citric Fruits Vitamin C blood and respiratory system


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