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What is a high risk pregnancy?

What is a high risk pregnancy? We explain how to make the wait sweet

The miracle of being a mother is something that women decide to assume, focused on enjoying a new stage in the best and most peaceful way. They want to bring a healthy baby into the world so that once he is here, make him happy.

However, for various reasons, pregnancy can become a high-risk one, but that does not mean that there are no options to bring calm and avoid the storm.


In this article we tell you:

What is a risk pregnancy? Causes and symptoms

Methods to take control: the guarantees offered by medicine.


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What is a risk pregnancy? Types and causes


When pregnancy, childbirth or the lives of the mother or fetus are threatened, it is called a high-risk pregnancy. This state responds to a series of reasons of which several are beyond any control, since they are genetic situations and anomalies in the organism. We list them for you:


Chromosomal Abnormalities: Chromosome malformations associated with Down, Palau, and Edwards syndrome.

Advanced age of the mother: From the age of 35 the risks of being pregnant already rise

Conditions in maternal health: hypertension, asthma, obesity, arrhythmia or epilepsy are some of the conditions that mean a risky pregnancy.

Multiple pregnancies: carrying more than one fetus represents a higher risk



  1. Vaginal bleeding or watery vaginal discharge
  2. severe headaches
  3. Pain or cramps in the lower abdomen
  4. Decreased fetal activity
  5. Pain or burning sensation when urinating
  6. Vision changes, including blurred vision
  7. Sudden or extensive swelling of the face, hands, or fingers
  8. Fever or chills
  9. Persistent vomiting or nausea
  10. dizziness


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Methods to take control: The guarantees offered by medicine


The health field has been innovating for several years in the ways it develops alternatives to high-risk pregnancies. The tests that medmesafe offer and present to you are scientifically certified, non-invasive and an extremely reliable way of ruling out or detecting the dangers related to genetic abnormalities and their influence on the entire pregnancy process and after it.


Trisomy 21 test

  • Detect abnormalities on chromosome 21
  • It does not represent risk, it is not invasive
  • You get results 6 to 9 business days after obtaining the sampleç

Harmony Prenatal Test

  • Detects abnormalities in chromosomes 13, 18 and 21
  • It does not represent any risk for the mother or the fetus
  • Results are obtained in 3 to 5 business days

Fetal Gender Determination Test

  • Determine the sex of the baby on the way to 8 weeks of pregnancy
  • It does not represent a danger to the mother or the fetus, it is not invasive
  • Results available 5 business days after obtaining the sample

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