Blood Analysis

What is seen in an analysis?

What is seen in an analysis? – That study that originates almost any subsequent diagnosis or evaluation is the well-known blood test. It is also one of the routine processes to check the general state of anyone’s health.

Sometimes it is so routine and taken for granted that we do not stop to ask ourselves what values ​​it analyzes, which is not bad as general information and a tool to prevent and take care of certain aspects.

CBC measures red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to different parts of the body. white blood cells, which help fight infection and anemia.

ESR (Globular Sedimentation Rate). Records how long it takes for red blood cells to settle, which may be related to inflammation in the cardiovascular and blood systems

Glucose. For the prevention of diabetes it is very important, as it marks the degree of sugar or glycemia in the bloodstream.

Urea: Assesses the proper functioning of the renal system (kidneys).

Creatinine: it is a component that must be discarded from the body by the kidneys, knowing its degree of presence is a way to evaluate the renal system.

Total cholesterol. Substance responsible for generating hormones and vitamin D, thus marking the risk of suffering in the cardiovascular area.

GOT – This transaminase test identifies the status of the liver and cardiac system.

GPT (Liver function). It is a more specific enzyme on the functioning of the liver.

Uric acid. Regulates the purification of waste in the body

Triglycerides: They provide reserve energy from food and also between meals.

Blood Analysis
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Why should I have a blood test?

According to Medline, the essential and most useful reasons for a blood test are:

  • Diagnose certain conditions and diseases
  • Monitor a chronic condition or disease, such as diabetes or high cholesterol
  • Find out if treatment for a disease is working
  • Evaluate the functioning of different organs of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, heart or thyroid
  • Diagnose bleeding or clotting disorders
  • Find out if the immune system is having trouble fighting infections

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