When should I worry about hair loss?

When should I worry about hair loss? – Don’t leave it for later! We can start there, very safely. The importance of hair health lies in how connected it is with many diseases and ailments, so finding out how yours is as soon as possible is a priority.

In addition to that, it is the center of our personal image, a clear indicator of our well-being. If we get even more trivial, caring for it and the ability to style it in different ways is also important to many cultures.

One of the main and most common threats is alopecia, a condition that we talk about in depth in our blog post, where we delve into its causes and types. In this, we are going to contextualize the moment in which we realize that it is necessary to rule out alopecia as a disease and what we can do about it.
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When should I worry about hair loss?

The head of dermatology at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, Eduardo Lopez Bran, explained exclusively to Vogue Spain, we should go to a dermatologist when observing “excessive and sustained hair loss or hair thinning. If, between 2 and 4 months after that fall (supposedly seasonal), we notice that the density of the hair has decreased, that the scalp has begun to lighten or that the hair is thinner and weaker, we have to start worrying”

Signs to consider:

  • If you also lose hair from your eyelashes and eyebrows
  • When there are circular spaces in the bald spot
  • If there is itching in the area with the smallest capillary volume
  • red or swollen follicles
  • Scars in the area where the hair has been lost


What can you do about it? Hair loss prevention test

At medmesafe, we have the science designed to get you out of doubt about alopecia and hair health. It is a painless analysis of your saliva that will show what genetic factors are involved in your hair loss and will diagnose if it is indeed alopecia.

The results are available 15 business days after taking them and you can access the test by clicking here


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