When to consult a nutritionist?

When to consult a nutritionist? – Visiting the office of a nutritionist is not something that arises as a result of an emergency or a sudden illness. It is a decision that is usually made taking into account a series of factors that we want to talk about today.

It is usually decided to go to a nutrition professional to have a positive change in her lifestyle, especially in terms of food and habits. Below we will describe different contexts that would assertively take you to their office and with what resource you can make your visit more productive.

when to consult a nutritionist

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Reasons to consult a nutritionist:


If you have a history of diabetes, hypertension or other cardiovascular problems: your diet can determine the certainty and probability that you suffer from any of the aforementioned diseases. If there are people in your family who went through them, it is best to be even more careful with your habits.

Surgery or procedure on your stomach: bypass or gastric sleeves require subsequent nutritional care, for which a nutritionist or dietitian is a key player.

Eve of pregnancy: Whether you are already pregnant or just preparing for that special moment, your life will have to make many natural changes. For those related to breastfeeding and your body being in the ideal state to conceive, you need to check your nutritional health.

Lose or gain weight: It is very difficult to figure out for yourself the most effective balance of nutrients to reach a goal on a scale. It is necessary to plan with tools and resources what, how, when and how much you should eat to increase or decrease your measurements.

Dealing with maturity: As we get older or have an elderly person in our care, it is more important to be aware of what we eat, because our body asks for different things and in different quantities.


Nutrigenetic Test

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