Where to take your Covid-19 test in Granada Spain to travel?

Granada is one of the most visited Spanish cities in Europe, it has architectural wonders and several UNESCO prizes as a cultural city. It receives an average of 5 million visitors annually, it has a privileged location due to its proximity to the Sierra Nevada, which makes it a tourist destination par excellence.

If you visit the city of Granada this year, you will know that due to Covid-19 certain tests are needed to travel: RT-PCR or antigen test. At medmesafe, we put at your disposal two accredited laboratories in the city to carry out these tests.


Located just two minutes walk from the Granada bullring, which has its own Parking San Larazo – Plaza de Toros Granada. 20 minutes by car from Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport, the main air terminal in this area. 7 minutes by car from Granada train station or 5 minutes by car from Granada bus station (ADIF).

With service in multiple languages, certified with a QR code, it is the alternative for all people who travel.

If you purchase your test with medmesafe we ​​manage your appointment, making sure that you attend the laboratory at the ideal time for your test. The results are delivered in English, with all the requirements for your international trip, to any destination in the world.


What to see in Granada?

  1. The Alhambra

It is one of the most recognized Spanish palaces, it adorns the highest point of the hill where it is located and is accessible by public transport. It is one of the most important monuments in Spain, where the court was housed during the Nasrid Kingdom. Tickets to visit it must be set aside months in advance because it is usually full.

  1. The walk of the sad.

Nicknamed by visitors as “the most beautiful street in the city”, you will wonder how it is possible with the name that it takes. Well, the reality is that the street was originally known as “Carrera del Darro” or “Paseo del Padre Majón”, in ancient times it was the path that led to the cemetery, that is why those crossed it to visit the graves of their loved ones, make this place so picturesque a little more interesting than the rest of the streets. This spectacular walk will take you to the Albaicín, the Sacromonte, and one of the entrances to the Alhambra.

  1. The viewpoint of San Nicolás

Of course, the best way to get to know a city, from the heights. This famous viewpoint allows you to admire the main tourist attractions of the city of Granada, and it also gives you a wonderful view of the Alhambra Palace. It is located in the heart of the Albaicín, the climb can be done on foot, so with a little effort, you will achieve spectacular views.

  1. Albaicín Flamenco Festival

If you are one of those who think of flamenco when you think of Spain, Granada is your city. In the Sacromonte neighborhood, you can see architecture representative of the gypsies, in addition to enjoying this spectacular festival. The cave-shaped houses, all with facades of the same color, make you fully live the gypsy experience.

  1. The Royal Chapel

After the Cathedral of Granada, this chapel is the most visited, it is the place where the remains of the Catholic king’s rest, of which among the most emblematic we have Juana “La Loca” and her husband Felipe “The beautiful”. If you are a fan of history and architecture, it is a mandatory stop for you.

We remind you that we have a post explaining the requirements to return to the UK and that at medmesafe we ​​offer all the Covid tests necessary for travel: antigens, RT-PCR, serology, and home services. If you have additional questions, contact us through the following form.