San Sebastián COVID-19 Travel Testing: Where to Get Tested

San Sebastián, Spain, is a very popular destination in the country, thanks to its border location with France, it is one of the main cities visited by English and French neighbors.

With current mobility restrictions due to Covid-19, at medmesafe, we ​​offer an accredited laboratory to perform your RT-PCR or antigen test.

Located just 30 minutes by car from the French border, it is one of the best options to take the test before resuming your trip. With service in multiple languages, certified with a QR code, it is the alternative for all people who travel.

It is also a strategic point for those traveling to the United Kingdom, as it allows them to obtain their results in time before starting their journey through France, or by plane to the United Kingdom. The laboratory is located 20 minutes by car from the airport, 5 minutes from the Port of San Sebastián, and 7 minutes from the bus terminal.

If you travel by train, it is a 5-minute walk from the Center. If you travel by private transport, there is an OTA parking area and there are three underground car parks in the area: Plaza de Cataluña and Plaza del Chofre and Zurriola.

What to see in San Sebastián / Donostia?

  1. Promenade “La Concha”

It is the highest-rated urban beach by tourists in the city, its classic lampposts make the atmosphere an elegant and magical place, without losing that essence of a coastal city. You can taste the rich local cuisine with exclusive views of the Cantabrian Sea

  1. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

This architectural jewel dates from the late nineteenth century, it is the most important temple in this city. Its inspiration is based mainly on the structures of what was known as the Main Chapel, it has been restored on numerous occasions to allow more tourists to visit it and see it first-hand.

  1. The old town of Donostia

Named after the native language of the region, Euskera is a neighborhood with a lot of character and charm. In this place you can see the true essence and history of the city, it has its respective free walking tour, that is, a tour where they tell you the evolution over the years of this great city for free.

  1. Pintxos tour

We can all agree that one of the best parts of travel is eating, knowing where we are through its flavors and typical dishes. This is why if you go to the city of San Sebastián, you must do what they call the pintxos tour in the old town. They offer in the form of a “tapa” an innumerable amount of typical Spanish and unbeatable dishes from the city.

  1. San Telmo Museum

If the weather doesn’t allow you to take long walks around the city, we have a perfect “indoors” plan for you. The San Telmo museum is one of the most important in the place, it keeps pieces of ethnography, art, architecture, and much more, from the 16th century onwards. Their opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We remind you that we have a post explaining the requirements to return to the UK and that at medmesafe we ​​offer all the Covid tests necessary for travel: antigensRT-PCRserology, and home services. If you have additional questions, contact us through the following form.

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