Where to Get COVID-19 Test for Travel in Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third most populated city in Spain, followed by Madrid and Barcelona; It is a city rich in culture and history, with representative monuments such as the City of Sciences, typical local gastronomy such as paella, and its local festivals known as “Fallas de Valencia”.

If you visit this beautiful city, and due to current mobility restrictions due to Covid-19 you need an antigen test or RT-PCR, we have several accredited centers where you can perform, with results in English, QR Code, and valid for any international destination.

In the city of Valencia, we have 4 collaborating centers, the first one is located on Calle Emparrado, just a 5-minute walk from the Plaza Mayor. The second is on Avenida de Baleares, 2 minutes walk from Gulliver Park. The third located on Calle Gran Vía Fernando el Católico and Calle Marqués del Turia, collide with the extensive Turia Gardens, where you can enjoy activities for both adults and children.

And the last option in Valencia is located on Calle Salvador Pau, 5 minutes walk from the Palacio de la Música, offers private parking, and works on Saturdays as well. Ideal for those users who need to take their test at the weekend because they travel on Monday morning.

If you are in the Gandía area, this picturesque little town offers beautiful beaches to its visitors, on Calle Alzira we have an option for your Covid-19 test. Located just 2 minutes walk from the train station, and 5 minutes walk from the Archaeological Museum of Gandía. Ideal to avoid having to interrupt your vacation to prepare for your return trip.

Oliva is the second coastal town in the Valencian Community, it is a very popular place among people who want to retire in Spain, and its gastronomy and cultural offer make it a very attractive destination. In this town we put at your disposal an authorized center for your test, located on Calle Navarra, just 7 minutes walk from the Castle of Santan Ana, the main tourist attraction of the place.

Sagunto is another of the coastal towns that the Valencian Community offers, with attractions such as the Castle of Sagunto, the Roman Theater, and its Old Town, it offers plans for all ages. In case you need to carry out your Covid-19 test to travel, we put at your disposal an authorized center, in Calle Plaza Perixcateria, just a 2-minute walk from La Glorieta Park.

What to see in Valencia?

  1. City of Arts and Sciences

It is one of the most important architectural complexes in the city, it was inaugurated in 1998, its design belongs to the engineers Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, it fulfills the function of a cultural and entertainment complex for locals and tourists. It is located at the end of the Turia river and has been awarded as one of the 12 treasures of Spain.

  1. The Turia gardens

They are a project that arose as a result of the planned diversion of the Turia river in the city, it was thought to replace the river bed with these gardens so that the space was used to bring more green spaces in the city. It has a total of almost 7 kilometers, and activities can be carried out for both children and adults.

  1. Historic center / Barrio el Carmen

Like most Spanish cities, the center keeps its historical relics as well. This alternative neighborhood is the option for those who want to live and taste Valencian gastronomy, as well as enjoy a free walking tour to learn from it.

  1. Town Hall Square

It is the main meeting point for those who like to see the Fallas Valencianas, which are representative festivals of the entire Community. Great figures of various subjects are made, to explode with pyrotechnics and generate a light show.

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